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Novy Urengoy Airport

Area: 20,000m2
Client: AR
Appointment: 2017 - ongoing
Stage: From concept to completion
Service: Architecture, Interior Design, CGI

Novy Urengoy Airport’s new terminal provides an iconic gateway to the region.

Situated next to one of the world’s largest gas fields, Novy Urengoy Airport airport will serve the regional oil and gas industry along with the city. The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug region, where Novy Urengoy is located, is where 90 per cent of Russias natural gas is produced.

The project includes the expansion and integration of the existing airport facilities with a new terminal. The total development is 30,000m2 which includes the 19,000m2 new terminal.

Pointed roofs and vaulted interiors will echo the shape of the traditional tent, called a chum, used by the Uralic reindeer herders of the region.

Construction works on the project started in early 2020 and due for completion in December 2022.